Welcome to the M4C Pantry. 


The Pantry is FREE TO ALL regardless of religion. 

Hackers: We do not keep any data of value so please stop trying to hack in. There is no CREDIT CARDS or GOVT IDENTIFICATIONS here

Orders must be placed online by Thursday at 11 PM (or we may limit orders if we have reached the limit for orders for that week) and customers can pick up their order on Saturday Between 4 PM and 5 PM

In case you do not get to order you can still come by and we can give you a generic box and any meat or fresh supplies we have in stock.

Please do not order this week if you are unsure of making it for pick up. We have a few volunteers and we have been experiencing a lot of NO SHOWS recently unfortunately. Thanks for your understanding.

You have to register to order… Please only make 1 account. Please only order what you need. We will be spot checking orders every week and reserve the right to cancel items.


We will do our best to fill your order but due to limitations in quantity, your order may be partially filled.**Fresh Vegetables and Fruits will be provided on first come first serve until we run out***

Please Register below so you can create orders.

Instructions for Ordering:

  1. Register using the below form at the bottom of this page
  2. Once you register, you can click on Shop in the menu above and add all the items you need to your shopping cart.
  3. Go to the Cart, make sure all the quantities you need are correct.
  4. Go to the Checkout page and place your order.
  5. Orders must be placed by Thursday at 11 PM so they will be ready for you to pick up on Saturday between 4 PM and 5 PM.
  6. Pickup Location is the Bentonville Islamic Center at 1801 SW. 2nd St. Bentonville, 

New Users Register Below

Phone without dashes or (,). We will text you order statuses.
example: 123 elm st. Apt 123
Please provide any information that will help determine need for food assitance.